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  •  |  Free local employment opportunity listing that connects local employers with job seekers. Our goal is to help employers boost their other advertising efforts (newspaper, radio, social,, etc.)
  • Workforce Grants & Incentives   |   Assistance through the State of South Dakota includes Work Opportunity Tax Credit, Workforce Development Grant, and Dakota Seeds Program.
  • Webster Area Career & Technical Education Programs  |  Partner with the new CTE programs at the Business Center that help Webster Area and Waubay students gain practical skills in architecture, construction, welding and more.
  • Build Dakota Scholarship Fund  | Partner with a South Dakota technical institute to build your workforce pipeline.
  • Coming Home Series  |  Share the stories of others who have moved to Day County. Articles and photos by the local Reporter & Farmer newspaper.
  • Skills Training

Labor Force

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Labor force estimates include all civilians not in institutions, 16 years of age and older, who are classified as employed or unemployed. Labor force levels are given by place of residence and represent a count of employed and unemployed people. Labor force estimates are developed by the South Dakota Department of Labor in cooperation with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

*Preliminary Data for May 2019

Labor Supply

Labor supply can be defined as the number of persons who would be available to staff a new or expanding business in an area. Labor supply can be categorized into two groups: those who currently hold jobs (and would like to change) and those who, for a variety of reasons, do not have jobs. It includes workers who live in the area and also workers who would commute into the area to work. Labor supply data is developed by the South Dakota Department of Labor.

*Preliminary Data for May 2019

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