Coming Home Series

Read the stories of our neighbors--those who have moved back after spending time away from Day County--in a new series from Reporter & Farmer called "Coming Home."

'Big Wave Dave' (aka David Premus) returned to his roots in 2011 after spending time in California and traveling in the military. Dave now lives in Webster with his wife and three children, and it sounds like he couldn't be happier!  

Born and raised in Webster, Tom Sannes says he always knew that he would return to his hometown. And, he did in 2001, after seeking to "diversify" himself through earning a college education and law degree as well as serving in the military and other experiences. Today, Tom lives in Webster with his wife and four children.

Andrea (Vogl) Johnson realized her love for remodeling homes after moving to Minneapolis, MN, in 2001 to pursue a career in the music industry. In 2009, she and her husband Brian moved back to Webster to slow down, and start a family. Today, Andrea is experiencing abundant work as she now leads her family's business, Vogl's Carpet, as well as abundant joy from her 2-year-old son Max. 

Military man and world traveler, Loris Welch came home in 1992 because "Just like in the Wizard of Oz, there’s no place like home." Since returning, he has been successful with Loris Welch Entertainment and other business opportunities and well as volunteering his time and talents for the community. Loris lives in Waubay, of course, where his heart has been all along.

Loren Welch decided it was time to come home to Waubay when he retired from the U.S. Navy in 2003. He moved back, along with his wife Dolores and three children, in order to be closer to his family. This summer, Loren will celebrate his tenth year owning the local grocery store, Welch's Grocery, but that's not his favorite thing to do. He loves to help out his community as much as he can. 

Christa Coyne was a traveling nurse for eight years before moving back to her hometown of Webster. Six years ago, she purchased a home in Webster and returned on the weekends to work on it. It became harder to leave each time, so she jumped at the chance to work in Aberdeen in 2001. Today, she commutes from her home in Webster to Sanford in Aberdeen.

Holmquist native Lyle Berg was always doing something, but he always came home to Day County, too. The retired civil engineer spent much of his career in Minnesota, but coming home each weekend with his family to take care of the farm. He retired in 2003 and calls Holmquist 'home' full-time once again. 

Kelli (Kuecker) Bullert came home in October 2012 to take on a new challenge in her hometown of Webster. While her bachelor's degree is in criminal justice and master's degree in public administration, Bullert was excited for a new career in mortgage banking. She lives in town with her husband Joey and one-year-old daughter, Penelope.

Loren "Dax" Jorgenson, moved back to Waubay in 2005 to enjoy the small town life and join the family business, Jorgenson Meat Processing. He also recently turned a hobby into business in January 2013 by starting his own cage-fighting company called Combat Fights Inc. He is active in the community and lives in town with his three boys, Ethan, Wyatt and Austin. 

Wilferd "Buzz" Greening came home in the 1960s, hoping to obtain some financial help from his parents to buy a store in Groton. He's been back in Waubay ever since, as he took over his family business instead, the local pharmacy. After selling the business in 2005, Buzz enjoys retirement in his hometown.

Pete Lesnar must have been destined for Day County -- he was born in Waubay, raised on a farm near Grenville, worked in Webster and now lives in Bristol. After his second stint in the military, Pete decided to pursue a barber's license and master's degree after realizing he was pretty good at cutting hair. Not long after, he purchased a barbershop in Bristol (now Pete's Barber Shop) and has offered the service ever since. 

Just two years ago, Eric and Tiffany Coyne, originally from Webster and Roslyn, made the decision to ensure their two boys have a good childhood, too. Not too long after Eric learned of First Rate Painting & Wood Finishing being for sale, Tiffany secured a nursing position at Sanford.

Neil Haase's commute was quite a bit longer than most when he moved back to Webster in 1993. He caught rides in Watertown, Bismarck or wherever to fly back to his base in New York. The pilot retired in 1997, shortly after marrying his wife, Susan, in Webster in 1993

Seeking a more relaxing lifestyle, Jim Kurkowski and his wife, Marcia, moved back to the area in 2006. Today, he says he appreciates the uniqueness of Day County, something he didn't realize as a youngster growing up in Waubay. 

Harry Knapp returned to Webster after 30 years chasing a future in plastics, but felt as if he had only been gone a couple of weeks. Today, Harry and his wife, Denice, enjoy traveling to see family, especially their grandchildren.

While opportunity to move back came for Roger and Carol Kuecker much quicker than anticipated, they say that they have all that they need in Webster. 

Jim Rood only spent a few months as a Butler resident, but his summer visits to his grandparents' and relatives' farms were so memorable that he always knew he would return to his roots in Day County.  In 1998, he and his wife, Sandra, jumped at the opportunity to purchase a farm that had been in the Rood family since 1905. Today, Rood enjoy volunteering and visiting his grandchildren in the Twin Cities, MN.

Nathan Baumgarn took a job in Selby, because it was as close as he could get to Webster--two hours, fifteen minutes. He was happy to secure a local job at Lake Region Electric, allowing him to live close to his parents, four siblings and his seven nieces/nephews like he planned all along.